For 30 years we have been involved in economic development, place branding and inward investment.  Our fascination with people and places, technology and growing businesses has taken us to lots of exciting locations across the world. 


With extensive experience in place making, we are enthusiastic supporters of using technology to make a place function better.  Smart economic development can help transform areas, and we maintain a strong interest in developing and delivering innovative solutions.     


Inward investment can be a changemaker for local economies, and we have been active in helping locations to attract and grow new companies and industries.  We have also advised a wide range of companies on where they should locate their business.


People are number one


Businesses are made by their people and businesses choose locations because of the people.  Cities work best when they consider the citizen.  We have spent much time researching what people need and want from their locations.


We put people first in our marketing and delivery.  In particular, we have been effective in creating and maintaining people and business networks, reaching key influencers through our connections.     


Great story telling


Good place marketing requires great story telling.  Particularly now we have digital, we can help places tell their particular story to all the audiences that matter.  For example, we are advocates of using open data to tell very accurate, up-to-date and detailed stories to potential investors. Openness in data reflects well on openness for business.


We have extensive experience in producing value propositions for locations, and creating compelling content for place marketing communications.


Place competition and benchmarking



The competitive nature of inward investment means that locations need to know how to compete. We help them to win.


There is lots of data available out there, and the location decision requires significant information collection and analysis.


We have lots of experience in turning data into something useful and powerful.



New industries and tech start-ups


Locations are continually looking for the "next big thing". We help them find it and understand it. 


We have been out front for call centres; digital media and the creative industries; environmental technology and smart cities.


We have an affinity with tech start-ups, and keep our eyes and ears open for the hottest and fastest. 


Industries that can make a difference


We have been active in a wide range of industry sectors including advanced manufacturing; biotech and the life sciences; cleantech; contact centres; construction and real estate; creative industries and digital media; electronics and semiconductors; financial and business services; food and drink; forestry; information and communication technologies; logistics; minerals; outsourcing and shared services; retail; smart cities; tech-start-ups; transport technologies; tourism and leisure.

Our site selection work for companies has covered shared service centres; back offices; manufacturing facilities; headquarters; sales offices; and research and development centres. 


Experience brings opinions


We write for business publications and speak at conferences on inward investment and place marketing trends, impacts, and best practices.


We have written for Foreign Direct Investment fDi Magazine, a Financial Times Business publication. 


In the smart city space we have been involved in helping to develop international standards for smart cities, and have been on an expert panel to assess smart city pilot funding bids.


We enjoy sharing the latest market knowledge and intelligence, and have helped organise several inward investment conferences and seminars in London and Berlin. 


better economic development


Join us on the journey...


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